A new kinetic model for cotton reactive dyeing at different temperatures

Hamdaoui, Mohamed ; Lanouar, Ahlem


Reactive dyeing kinetic on cotton at different temperatures has been studied. The dyeing experiments are carried out using liquor-to-materials ratio of 40:1 in a sealed stainless steel dyebath housed on the Ahiba Nuance Speed. A new kinetic model is proposed that describes the dye exhaustion at different durations. This mathematical equation is used to interpret the experimental data in terms of kinetic parameters of the dye molecules. The results show that the theoretical predictions are in reasonable agreement with experimental data with higher average regression coefficients. It is also observed that the exhaustion process of reactive dye in cotton fabrics could be divided into two steps, viz rapid and slow processes.


Adsorption kinetics; Cotton fabric; Parallel exponential kinetics model; Reactive dye

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