Effect of immobilized cellulase enzyme treatment on properties of ramie fabric

Ni, Xiaoyan ; Yu, Yuanyuan ; Wang, Qiang ; Fan, Xuerong ; Cavaco-Paulo, Artur ; Yuan, Jiugang


In this study, Eudragit S-100 has been covalently bound to the cellulase enzyme to form immobilized cellulase enzyme and then the effect of the treatment on ramie fabric properties is studied. The ramie fabrics treated with immobilized cellulase enzyme show lower quantities of reducing sugar, weight loss, and higher tensile strength than native cellulase enzyme-treated fabrics. Scanning electron microscopic analysis shows that the surface of ramie fabrics treated with cellulase enzyme is smoother than that of the untreated sample. Furthermore, treatment by the immobilized cellulase enzyme is less damaging to the fibres. X-ray diffraction studies show that there is hardly any loss in the crystallinity of ramie fabrics. Low-stress mechanical properties evaluated by the Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabric indicate that immobilized cellulase enzyme treatment improves the softness, flexibility, and elastic recovery of the ramie fabrics.


Cellulase enzyme; Eudragit S-100; Immobilization; Ramie fabric; Textile-related properties

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