Effect of moisture and water on thermal protective performance of multilayered fabric assemblies for firefighters

Chakraborty, Supriyo ; Kothari, V K


Multilayered protective fabric assemblies comprising a Nomex III woven outer layer, Nomex nonwoven thermal liners and a modacrylic/cotton woven inner layer have been studied for heat protective performance. Effect of conditioning and presence of water on the outer layer fabric has been studied on heat protective performance, against radiant heat flux. It is observed that the radiative heat protective performance of firefighters’ protective clothing assembly can be improved in presence of a water tight barrier layer used just after the outer layer when the outer layer fabric is wet. Conditioning of the assembly in a particular environment can also significantly affect thermal protective performance.


Externally added water; Impermeable barrier; Multilayered fabric; Nomex; Radiative heat protective performance; Thermal protection

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