Effect of core thread tension on structure and quality of multi-thread bouclé yarn

Malek, Alshukur ; Danmei, Sun


The effect of core thread tension on the structure and quality of multi-thread bouclé yarn has been studied experimentally. The core thread tension is controlled using the tension rollers and is set at five different values. The results show that the number of bouclé profiles increases to approximately 36 per metre, and relatively low variability of the size of bouclé profiles is secured. Hence, the fancy bulkiness of the bouclé yarns increases by approximately 92 mm2/m. Moreover, the circularity ratio of fancy profile increases to reach approximately 64% which is important for bouclé yarns. Further, by setting the core thread tension to approximately zero, only 50% extra supply of one effect thread is sufficient to manufacture the final multi-thread bouclé yarns. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the usage of materials and to improve the fancy yarn structure and quality.


Bouclé yarn; Fancy yarn; Hollow-spindle; Thread tension; Yarn quality; Yarn structure

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