Properties of sisal fibre reinforced epoxy composite

Gupta, M K; Srivastava, R K


Sisal fibre reinforced epoxy composites have been prepared by hand lay-up technique followed by static compression, using various fibre weight fractions (15, 20, 25 and 30%). Mechanical properties, thermal properties, water absorption properties and dynamic mechanical analysis of sisal composites are investigated. The results show that the addition of sisal fibres in epoxy matrix up to 30 wt. % increases the mechanical, thermal and water absorption properties. The values of storage modulus and loss modulus increase with the increase in fibre content up to 25 wt. % and then decrease. The glass transition temperature (Tg) is obtained from loss modulus and tan delta curve. The value of Tg obtained from loss modulus curve is found to be lower than that obtained from tan delta curve.


Dynamic mechanical analysis; Mechanical properties, Sisal fibre; Thermal properties; Water absorption properties

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