Sensory evaluation of different pashmina shawls

Shakyawar, D B ; Kadam, V V ; Kumar, Ajay ; Mathuriya, S R ; Kumar, Pramod


Pashmina shawls prepared from different hand spun, machine spun and blended yarns have been evaluated subjectively. The important handle properties such as softness, smoothness, lustre and total hand value have been assessed by sensory evaluation through expert judges of different age and gender. The correlation coefficient between the groups for individual property has been determined.  The softness and smoothness values found highest agreement between different groups  followed by smoothness and total hand value. The good agreement between groups indicates that difference in pashmina shawl manufacturing and blend composition can be distinguished.  The subjective test results were compared with FAST objective values and good correlation has been observed.


Blended fibre; Nylon; Polyvinayl alcohol; Pashmina shawl; Sensory evaluation; Smoothness; Softness

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