Vol 42, No 3 (2017)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Effect of fibre, yarn and fabric variables on heat and moisture transport properties of plated knit

Jhanji, Y ; Gupta, D ; Kothari, V K 255-263

A novel biodegradable micro-nano tubular knitted structure of PGA braided yarns and PCL nanofibres applicable as esophagus prosthesis

Yekrang, Javad ; Semnani, Dariush ; Seyghalani, Amin Zadbagher; Razavi, Shahnaz 264-270
Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of woven fabrics having metal coated zari wrapped yarns PDF
Veer, Jai ; Kothari, V K 271-277

Improved filtration properties of hydroentangled PTFE/PPS fabric filters caused by fibrillation

Nan, Zhang ; Xiang-yu, Jin ; Chen, Huang ; Qin-fei, Ke 278-285
Development of herbal drug loaded antimicrobial silk suture PDF
Sudha, D ; Dhurai, Bhaarathi ; Ponthangam, T 286-290

Mechanical, thermal and morphological studies of microfibrillated jute/PLA biocomposites

Khan, G M Arifuzzaman; Abdullah-Al-Mamun, M ; Haque, M Ahsanul; Rahman, Md Shafiqur; Shaikh, Hamid ; Anis, Arfat ; Al-Zahrani, Saeed M; Alam, M Shamsul 291-298

Sound absorption properties of polyurethane-based warp-knitted spacer fabric composites

Chen, Si ; Chen, Hong-xia ; Gao, Xiao-ping ; Long, Hai-ru 299-306

Impact and flexural properties of hybrid jute/HTPET fibre reinforced epoxy composites

Ahmadi, M S; Dastan, T 307-311

Preparation of UV-resistant PET fibres by direct melt spinning with on-line addition

Zhaohui, Jiang ; Zengge, Guo ; Zhao, Jia ; Jing, Wang ; Congcong, Pu ; Changfa, Xiao ; Jian, Jin 312-317

Thermal comfort properties of single jersey fabrics made from recycled polyester and cotton blended yarns

Vadicherla, Thilak ; Saravanan, D 318-324

Consumed sewing thread behaviour based on lockstitch and chainstitch

Boubaker, Jaouachi ; Sana, Aouine ; Faouzi, Khedher 325-334

Effect of disperse red dye on spectral red-shift of green-emitting luminous fibre

Chen, Zhi ; Li, Jing ; Ge, Mingqiao 342-346

A comparison of filtration performance of triangular and circular cross-section fibre

Zhang, Xiaolin ; Jin, Xiangyu 335-341

Hydrophilization of poly (lactic acid) fibre and its combination with dyeing and UV protection finishing

Huang, Jian-Yi ; Guan, Jinping ; Tang, Ren-Cheng ; Liu, Kai-Qiang 347-352

Short Communication

Sensory evaluation of different pashmina shawls PDF
Shakyawar, D B ; Kadam, V V ; Kumar, Ajay ; Mathuriya, S R ; Kumar, Pramod 353-358
New theoretical modeling for predicting yarn angle on OE yarn influenced by fibre movement on torus coordinate based on classical mechanics approach PDF
Putra, Valentinus Galih Vidia; Rosyid, M Farchani; Maruto, Guntur 359-363
Anisotropic mechanical behavior of thermally bonded nonwoven fabric PDF
Gao, Xiaoping ; Wu, Wei ; Wang, Liping 364-368

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