A novel biodegradable micro-nano tubular knitted structure of PGA braided yarns and PCL nanofibres applicable as esophagus prosthesis

Yekrang, Javad ; Semnani, Dariush ; Seyghalani, Amin Zadbagher; Razavi, Shahnaz


A novel multi-layered knitted structure with the coating of the nanofibrous web has been developed for using as a esophageal prosthesis. Poly glycolic acid (PGA) braided yarn has been knitted into tubular form and polycaprolactane (PCL) nanofibres are coated on the surface of PGA knitted fabrics with the electrospinning process. Finally, a gelatin coating has been applied on the surface of the developed tubular fabric. The effect of the stitch density parameters on the mechanical properties of the multi-layer knitted fabric has been investigated and the optimum process conditions for electrospinning of the PCL nanofibres are obtained by studying the uniformity in the diameter distribution of the fibres. The surface roughness of the gelatin coated fabric is calculated with image processing method before and after the coating process. Degradation behavior of the three-layer esophageal prosthetic is also investigated. Results show that the knitted tubular fabrics has mechanical properties similar to real esophageal tissue. Coating of gelatin increases the surface roughness of the PCL nanofibrous web and also retains the porosity of the final structure. Degradation test also shows that the PGA knitted fabric coated with the PCL nanofibres and gelatin is degraded in a controlled manner. It can be said that this tubular knitted structure can be considered as a substitute for prosthetic application in different esophageal diseases after biological investigations.


Esophageal prosthesis; Knitted fabric; Nanofibre; Nylon 6; Polycaprolactane; Poly glycolic acid; Tubular knitted fabric

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