Hydrophilization of poly (lactic acid) fibre and its combination with dyeing and UV protection finishing

Huang, Jian-Yi ; Guan, Jinping ; Tang, Ren-Cheng ; Liu, Kai-Qiang


A polyester-polyether block copolymer (PPBC) has been used to fabricate the hydrophilic surface on poly (lactic acid) (PLA) fibre by a simple exhaust finishing. The quantity of PPBC adsorption on PLA fibre is found to increase with increasing PPBC dosage and application temperature. A high temperature application is capable of facilitating the intercalation of the hydrophobic polyester moiety of PPBC into the inner surface layer of PLA fibre, and accordingly improving the laundry resistance of hydrophilicity effect. The PPBC finished PLA fibre exhibits good water wettability. Additionally, the integrated dyeing, hydrophilization and UV protection finishing in one bath is successfully performed. The uptake of disperse dyes and UV absorber by PLA fibre is adversely affected by PPBC, but both of them show almost no impact on the hydrophilization of PLA fibre. The UV absorber in PLA fibre is able to enhance the light resistance of dyeings.


Block copolymers; Dyeing; Hydrophilicity; Poly(lactic acid) fibre, Polyester; Polyether; UV protection

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