Improved filtration properties of hydroentangled PTFE/PPS fabric filters caused by fibrillation

Nan, Zhang ; Xiang-yu, Jin ; Chen, Huang ; Qin-fei, Ke


The effect of specific energy on fibre diameter of polytetrafluoro ethylene / polyphenylene sulfide (PTFE/PPS) blended fabrics has been studied. The influence of blend ratio and bonding process on air permeability, mean flow pore size and filtration properties are also studied. The results show that fibrillation of PTFE fibres could be induced and regulated by high-energy water jets. With the increase of fibrillated PTFE fibres, the mean pore size and air permeability of the fabric decrease, leading to an increased filtration properties.


Blended fabrics; Fibrillation; Filtration properties; Hydroentanglement; PTFE fibres; PTFE/PPS blend

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