First report of Champsodon capensis Regan, 1908 (Champsodontidae) from East coast of India

Ray, D ; Khatua, T ; Roy, S ; Mohapatra, A


The gaper Champsodon capensis Regan, 1908 is reported for the first time from the east coast of India on the basis of 3 specimens (55 – 72 mm standard length) collected from Deshpran fishing harbor, West Bengal. Identification of the species is confirmed by ventral scale patterns on chin, breast, and abdomen. Earlier, this species was reported only from Andaman-Nicobar waters of India and the present finding report further range extension of the species to the northern part of the Bay of Bengal. This paper provides a detailed description of the species along with the comparison with other Champsodon species.


Bay of Bengal, Deep sea fish, Gaper, New record

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