Analysis of bioactive compounds from Gracilaria foliifera based on lunar phases

Abraham, L S ; Prakash, P ; Sai Krishna, N M D ; Sunkar, S ; Paramasivam, O R ; Thomson, B I ; Rajakumari, K


Gracilaria foliifera, sustainable renewable resources in the marine environment. Gracilaria, a genus of red algae, notable for its economic importance as an agarophyte. In the present study, experiments were performed to investigate the phytochemical constituents of Gracilaria foliifera. Samples were collected during three different lunar phases namely new moon, full moon and between days. The collected seaweeds were shade dried and extracted by ethyl acetate. The crude metabolites are subjected to phytochemical analysis, antioxidant activity, and qualitative analysis of the compounds by TLC. Further the crude extract was evaluated by GCMS. Among the different lunar phases, the presence of phytochemical compounds, antioxidants activity, is maximum during the full moon days which also showed appreciable amount than the samples collected during new moon phase and transition phase.


Bioactivity, Full moon, GC-MS analysis, Gracilaria foliifera, New moon

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