Batch kinetic studies of adsorption of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions onto alginate nanoparticles/PEG binary blend

Saranya, M ; Gomathi, T ; Pavithra, S ; Mubashirunnisa, A ; Sudha, P N


Among the most prevalent natural biopolymers is alginate. The current effort focuses on creating the binary blend of Alg-Nps/PEG. PEG is a great option because of its many distinctive qualities. Blends of polymers mix the characteristics of the separate polymers. FTIR results show intermolecular hydrogen bonding between Alg-Nps/PEG binary blend. Morphological and cross-sectional studies were analyzed using SEM. Various parameters impacting the Cu(II) ion adsorption, including pH, contact time, and adsorbent concentrations, have been examined in a batch adsorption method utilizing an Alg-Nps/PEG binary blend. Pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order, and intra particle Weber-Morris diffusion parameters have been determined. The experimental data fit the pseudo-second order kinetics model quite well when compared to the pseudo first order and intra-particular diffusion models.


Adsorption, Alginate, Blend, Kinetics model

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