Checklist of fish species in the Shari-Goyain river, Bangladesh: Threats and conservation measures

Talukder, M R; Hussain, M A; Kunda, M ; Rashid, A H A; Pandit, D ; Sumon, T A


The study was conducted from September 2017 to August 2018 to investigate the fish diversity status of the Shari-Goyain river, in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. A total of 66 fish species belong to 9 orders and 27 families were identified. Among these, almost 80% of the total fish population was from the orders, Siluriformes, Cypriniformes, and Perciformes. Fishes from the family Cyprinidae (22.71%) were found to be most abundant. Among 14 common groups of fishes identified, the highest contribution (28.79%) was from the catfishes. Ten vulnerable, eight endangered, and one critically endangered fish species were recorded. Alarmingly, based on their availability, 25 % and 18 % of the entire fish community were found to be rare and very rare, respectively. The present study suggests various conservation initiatives entailing the establishment of the fish sanctuary, ranching of threatened fish species, strict enactment of fishing laws and community-based fisheries management.


Fish availability, Hazards, Management strategies, Shari-Goyain river, Threatened fish species

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