A case study of coastal currents in relation with tides and winds in a tropical coastal waters of Vengurla, West Coast of India

Rasheed, K ; Udhaba Dora, G ; Noujas, V ; Kankara, R S; Manikandan, M ; Sathish, S ; Arockiaraj, S


Coastal currents consist of wind-driven, tidal, surface wave and geostrophic flows. These currents have a major role for nearshore sediment transport, but the measured data availability on coastal currents for the Indian coast is relatively less. This study analyze the variability of coastal currents along with the tides at nearshore and offshore waters during two different seasons (fag end of summer monsoon and initial stage of pre-monsoon) at Vengurla, west coast of India. Results of this study exhibited that the tides at Vengurla are mixed semi-diurnal dominated by solar constituent during summer monsoon (September to October); whereas the lunar constituents dominates during pre-monsoon (February to March). The nearshore current was dominated by the westward flow (sluggish current) during monsoon and south eastward flow during pre-monsoon, whereas the offshore flow (strong current) showed seasonality. At offshore, southerly current dominated during summer monsoon, whereas the northerly current played a major role during pre-monsoon. The current profile analysis at offshore revealed that the gradation of strong current at the surface to the sluggish nature of currents at the bottom and were comparatively higher during summer monsoon than pre-monsoon periods. This study revealed a complex pattern among winds, tides and currents at offshore.


Coastal currents, Current profile, Tide, Wind, Summer monsoon

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