Variable Gain Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control (VGSTW) application in longitudinal plane of Autonomous Underwater Glider (AUG)

Mat-Noh, M ; Arshad, M R ; Mohd-Mokhtar, R


This paper presents a robust control design using variable gain super twisting sliding mode control application in Autonomous Underwater Glider (AUG). AUGs are known as underactuated systems and very nonlinear in nature make difficult to control. The controller is designed for longitudinal plane of an AUG that tracks the pitching angle and net buoyancy of a ballast pump for nominal system, system in existence of external disturbance and parameter variations in hydrodynamic coefficients. The Lyapunov stability theorem has proved that the proposed control law is satisfied the stability sufficient condition. The simulation results have shown that the proposed controller has improved the transient response, reduced steady error and chattering effects in control input and sliding surface in all cases.


Autonomous Underwater Glider (AUG), Chattering reduction, Robustness, Variable Gain Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control (VGSTW)

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