Dynamic positioning of ship using backstepping controller with nonlinear disturbance observer

Dong, D ; Li, J ; Yang, S ; Xiang, X


This paper studies the adaptive dynamic positioning control problem of the full-actuated ship with uncertain time-varying environmental disturbances. Considering the disturbances with unknown boundaries, the inversion control technique is combined with the disturbance observation compensation method to design the robust adaptive backstepping control law of the ship dynamic positioning system. The Lyapunov function is adopted to prove the errors of the ship’s position and heading angle are uniformly ultimately bounded using the designed control law. The nonlinear disturbance observer can adaptively estimate and compensate for uncertain external disturbances caused by winds, waves and currents. Afterward, the verification of the proposed controller through a typical CyberShip Ⅱ model subject to environmental disturbances is carried out using a hardware-in-the-loop simulation where a thrust distribution model is established. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed control law.


Adaptive backstepping control, Dynamic positioning, Hardware-in-the-loop simulation, Nonlinear disturbance observer, Robust nonlinear control

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