Effect of extraction methods and long term storage on capsaicinoids content of Bhut Jolokia fruits

Sarwa, Khomenendra Kumar; Mazumder, Bhaskar ; Rudrapal, Mithun


The present investigation aimed to study effect of different methods of extraction and long term storage on capsaicinoids content of dried fruits of Bhut Jolokia. The powdered fruits of Bhut Jolokia were extracted by percolation, Soxhlet, microwave, and ultrasonication extraction methods using acetone as solvent. The extraction efficiencies of these methods were evaluated in terms of percentage yield of capsaicinoids content. Results indicate that Soxhlet extraction is more efficient in yielding capsaicinoids content than the percolation method. The extraction efficiency of microwave and ultrasonication methods was observed to be more as compared to Soxhlation, with equivalent yields of capsaicinoids content in a short time and at low temperature. Further, it is reported that capsaicinoids content is appreciably increased after six months of storage in dark atmosphere. Results suggest that ultrasonication followed by microwave extraction can be adopted in basic laboratory set up or small industrial scale for the extraction of Bhut Jolokia fruits, which would yield higher content of capsaicinoids than that of Soxhlet and percolation methods at a reasonably low processing cost.The study on enhancement of capsaicinoids content of dried fruits during long term storage would be very much useful to continue this practice on a commercial scale to meet the increasing demand of Bhut Jolokia in the global market.


Bhut Jolokia, Capsaicinoids, Chili pepper, Extraction, Hybrid capsicum species, Storage

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