Some potential natural dye yielding plants from the State of Goa, India

Verenkar, Nikita G.S; Sellappan, Krishnan


Goa being a small state on Western coast of India is gifted with more than 3,000 different species of flowering plants. Some of these plant species are known to produce the colours, thus, recognized as natural dye-yielding plants viz. Cassia fistula, Garcinia indica, Tectona grandis. During the study, natural dyes was extracted from various plant parts such as fruits, seeds, bark, flowers, roots, etc. About 62 dye-yielding plants belonging to 37 different families were recorded. Methods of extraction of dyes such as boiling the barks and grinding or chopping the leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. and various dye colours obtained are provided in this paper. These extracted dyes are showing multiple colours, the sustainable utilization of these potential dyes may provide employment, economic and ecological benefits to people and dyeing industries.


Cassia fistula; Dye extraction; Garcinia indica; Goa, Natural colours; Tectona grandis

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