Free radical scavenging and elastase inhibitory activity of different extracts of Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link- An in vitro study

Gangadharan, Asha ; J, Benny P


Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link has been used for curing various ailments including skin disease in traditional medicine for decades. The aim of the study was to evaluate the in vitro antioxidant potential and anti-elastase activity of L. aspera (Willd.) Link. The hexane, ethyl acetate, acetone and ethanol extracts were prepared using the Soxhlet extraction method. The phytochemical analysis, in vitro free radical scavenging, and anti-elastase activities, were conducted. The total phenol and flavonoids compounds were found to be significantly high for the hexane extract and the ethyl acetate extract respectively. In vitro antioxidant assays like percentage reducing power, DPPH radical scavenging activity, the total antioxidant capacity by FRAP assay, revealed that the acetone extract of the plant L. aspera possesses significantly the highest activity. The anti elastase assay revealed that all the extracts possess elastase inhibitory activity and the hexane extract possessed significantly highest activity with IC50 of 247.42 µg/mL, at a significant level (α) <0.05. The present result supports the traditional use of L. aspera.


Anti-elastase activity; Antioxidant activity; Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link; Phytochemical analysis.

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