Development and evaluation of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) based instant chutney powder

Sharma, Rakesh ; Joshi, V K


Present study was conducted to standardize a recipe for the preparation of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) based instant chutney powder by blending different levels of bell pepper powder with other spice ingredients. Blanched and pre-treated shreds of bell pepper were dried in a mechanical dehydrator (55±2o C) till a constant weight was achieved and converted into powder. All the recipes (R1 to R6) were assessed for their chemical composition and sensory quality during storage for three months. The total soluble solids among different recipes ranged between 51.0 to 56.0o B, whereas titratable acidity varied from 1.60 to 6.52 per cent. During storage for a period of three months, all the products of various recipes recorded decrease in titratable acidity, total sugars and ascorbic acid content, whereas increase in moisture content, reducing sugars and total phenols. Sensory analysis of reconstituted chutney powder (R5) scored highest overall acceptability score of 7.90 (liked extremely) even after three months of storage of powder at room temperature (18.0-24.5oC). On the basis of physico-chemical and sensory attributes, the recipe R5 was adjudged the best followed by recipe R6. The critical moisture content of optimized instant bell pepper chutney powder (R5) was 13.75 % which equilibrated at 46 % RH without any mold growth, indicating good shelf-stability of instant chutney powder at room temperature.


Bell pepper, Capsicum annuum, Instant chutney powder, Dehydration, Sorption isotherm.

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