Effect of fish meal extract spray on the yield of Co-47 rice variety

Meyyappan, M. ; Balaji, E. ; Ganapathy, M. ; Angayarkanni, A.


A field experiment was conducted with Co-47 rice variety at Annamalai University experimental farm from July to September 2018 with 12 treatments to evolve a suitable organic and inorganic preparations foliar spray along with the application of 75 and 100% recommended NPK + humic acid granules. The results revealed that the treatment T6 - 100% NPK + humic acid granules @12.5 kg/ha+ Panchagavya + fish meal extract + Auxin Gold seaweed extract spray on 20, 35, and 50 DAT ranked first in terms of tiller number/m2 (385), number of filled grains/panicle (105.42), panicle length (23.99), and grain yield (5660). Among the individual organic preparations foliar spray, fish meal extract spray was found to be better and improved the grain yield to the tune of 439 and 387 kg/ha over respective 100 and 75% NPK + humic acid granules @12.5 kg/ha application.


Co-47 rice variety; Filled grains; Fish meal extract; Panchagavya; Seaweed; Yield.

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