Pharmacological screening of ethanolic extract of Pithecellobium dulce for antiarthritic activity in Rats

Mishra, Nidhi ; Srivastava, Vivek ; Hashmi, Afreen ; Awasthi, Himani ; Deep, Prakash ; Verma, Shikhar


Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder in which cartilage of the joint is gradually lost and categorized by swelling of joints, pain, and loss of function. The present study was conducted to explore the antiarthritic activity of ethanolic extract of Pithecellobium dulce against formaldehyde induced at sub plantar region of the left hind paw during days 1 and 3 of the study period. The changes observed in paw diameter during the study period, various biochemical, and haematological parameters were monitored. The Radiographic analysis and histopathology significantly improved after treatment with test extract P. dulce (250 mg/kg, b.w., p.o.) as compared to the standard treatment with indomethacin (10 mg/kg, b.w., p.o.).The results of the current investigation concluded that ethanolic extract of P. dulce possesses significant anti-arthritic activity against formaldehyde induced arthritis model, justifying its therapeutic role in arthritic conditions. The observed antiarthritic activity may be due to the presence of phytoconstituents such as alkaloids and flavonoids. P. dulce significantly suppressed the paw oedema in formaldehyde models (P <0.001). The Histopathological and radiographic studies of joints also showed a protective effect of P. dulce.


Ethanolic extract; Formaldehyde; Joint disorder; Phytoconstituents; Radiographic studies.

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