Nutritional value assessment of Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau plant parts: An underutilized endemic plant of Western Ghats of India

Kakade, Prachi Sharad; Zimare, Saurabha Bhimrao


Malnutrition in developing countries can be reduced up to a certain extent by using various underutilized wild plants in the diet. Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau is an underutilized plant species of the Vitaceae family that is endemic to Maharashtra and Karnataka state of India. In this study, the nutritional value of C. woodrowii leaf, stem, and root is reported. The leaves have higher proximate value, energy, minerals, and vitamins than that of the stem and roots of C. woodrowii. In addition, two antinutritional factors (oxalate and phytate) were also recorded from plant parts of C. woodrowii. This study revealed that the leaves of C. woodrowii are rich in nutrients and energy, and can be utilized to overcome malnutrition.


Antinutrients; Calories; Cissus woodrowii; Malnutrition; Proximate analysis; Vitamins.

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