Nutritive, therapeutic and processing aspects of Jamun, Syzygium cuminii (L.)Skeels- An overview

Sehwag, Sneha ; Das, Madhusweta


Jamun (Syzygium cuminii (L.) Skeels is a seasonal perishable berry, grows mainly in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. It is rich in minerals, phytochemicals and shows high antioxidant potential heading towards its therapeutic effects. From ancient era, jamun is being cherished and used for controlling diabetes mellitus. Its seeds are popular among alternative medicine systems to control different ailments such as diabetes, cardio-vascular and gastro-intestinal disorders. Owing to such attributes, the powdered jamun seeds have been commercialized to meet these purposes. Recently, pharmacological effect of this fruit has been systematically evaluated by many researchers. This review is an attempt to present the compendious information on nutritive, therapeutic and processing aspects of jamun available hitherto.


Syzygium cuminii, Jamun, Black Plum, Nutritive composition, Antioxidant, Antidiabetic.

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