Optimization of extraction treatment and concentration of extract on yield and quality of anthocyanins from plum var. ‘Santa Rosa’

Joshi, V K; Devi, M Preema


The leftover material of the plum (Prunus salicinia L.) processing, thrown out presently, has been employed for the extraction of anthocyanins. The treatment of plum extract with pectin esterase produced a clear extract without any gel formation. To extract anthocyanins, ethanol (50% and 100%) and citric acid (0.1% and 0.2%) with two levels of concentration of anthocyanin extracts (8:1 and 10:1) were tried. There were significant differences both in yield and colour of the extracts in the treatments employed. Of the various treatments employed, the best results were obtained with 50% ethanol + 0.2% citric acid with 10:1 concentration ratio in terms of maximum anthocyanin content (325 mg/100 mL) with highest sensory evaluation score on hedonic scale. Extraction of anthocyanin reflects the potential of plum waste to serve as a source biocolours.


Plum, Prunus salicinia, Anthocyanins, Biocolour, Ethanol, Citric acid

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