Industrial applications of Ananas comosus wastes as valuable and utilizable products- A review

Soni, Shashi ; Noor, Uroosa ; Gupta, Ena


Ananas comosus, tropical fruit from Bromeliaceae family, is known for its flavour with major application in a number of industries viz juice, canned pulp, fruit candy, jam, jelly, wine, vinegar, bromelain extraction and many more. Large amounts of by-products are generated from these industries in which peel alone accounts for 34-38%. These by-products are discarded as waste and causes serious environmental pollution. Researchers have investigated that these by-products, mainly peels are potential sources of many nutritional and bioactive compounds which exhibits numerous health benefits. The present application of the waste is to convert it into value added products and currently, it is utilized in many industries such as chemical industry, health sectors, food sector, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. This article summarizes the major applications of A. comosus peel at industrial level. ‘Industrial applications’ is an umbrella term in which biofuel generation; enzyme production; bromelain extraction; cellulose, bacterial cellulose, nanocellulose and nanocrystalline cellulose; nanoparticles synthesis; biorefinery production; superabsorbent hydrogel formation; oil extraction; wine and vinegar production; supplementation; fortification; enrichment etc. terms are embedded.


Ananas comosus; Bioactive components; By-products; Industrial applications; Nutraceutical; Pharmaceutical.

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