Medicinal plants of Koont research farm, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Qureshi, Rahmatullah ; Khanum, Maliha ; Shaheen, Humaira ; Munir, Mubashrah


The present study was aimed to collect information on medicinal plants used by the people of Koont village around University research farm and its surrounding areas located on Chakwal road, Punjab, Pakistan. For this purpose, field trips were arranged and the study area was surveyed during August 2008 to July 2009 to collect traditional use of plants by using open-ended and structured questionnaires. Forty three species belonging to 35 genera and 21 families have been identified which are being used by the natives for treating 27 different ailments. Joint pains and injuries were more prevalent complaints in the area, hence most of the species (9.09 %) were utilized for the same, followed by wounds, fever, toothache, as tonic (6.82 % each), boils, skin diseases, constipation, piles, jaundice and cough (4.55 % each). Leaves were the most commonly utilized part (27.03 %) for preparing indigenous recipes followed by the whole plant (16.22 %), roots, seeds, fruits (10.81 % each) and latex, gums (exudates) (8.11 % each). Fourteen plant species possessed novel use in addition to previous knowledge. Based on this study, phytochemical and pharmacological screening is suggested for the novel use in order to validate their authenticity.


Medicinal plants, Koont research farm, Open-ended questionnaire, Indigenous recipes, Novel use.

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