Eating from raw wild plants in Himalaya: Traditional knowledge documentary on Sheena tribe in Kashmir

Singh, Bikarma ; Bedi, Yashbir Singh


Present investigation describes the ethnobotanical information of 42 raw edible plants used by the Sheena tribe residing in Kashmir. Most of these species are consumed as wild fruits (22 spp.), some are eaten as greens salads or used in the preparation of local chutney (15 spp.), and tubers are eaten raw or occasionally boiled (5 spp.). These raw foods are considered as rich source of minerals and vitamins and are sold by locals to supplement their income. Besides food value, more than half of the investigated species (60 %) have multiple uses in the form of medicine, drugs or as NTFPs. Ethnobotanical information on four species Oxalis acetosella, Crataegus rhipidophylla, Rubus caesius, and Rubus saxatilis are recorded for the first time from India. In addition, existing ethnobotanical information on these documented plants have been reviewed along with their availability and population status on global level have been provided.


Traditional documentary; Sheena tribe; Kashmir; India.

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