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Physical investigation of copper thin film prepared by sputtering

Drize, Abbas ; Settaouti, Abderrahmane


Copper thin films have been deposited by sputtering. The simulation results show that most of deposited atoms on the substrate have kinetic energy ranging between 1 and 1.5 eV which leads to the deterioration of the crystalline quality, the impact angle between 10°- 70° and 100°-160°, with a peak at 40° and 150°, the oblique incidences of sputtered atoms on the substrate give films with porous and columnar microstructures. For higher pressure theses distributions are more uniforms leading to the uniformity of the obtained thin film which paid a great attention in the industry. These results are in accordance with numerical and experimental ones obtained in others works.


Monte Carlo simulation; Growth; Sputtered atom; Thin film

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