Full analysis of a high-bandwidth microring-based PIN modulator

Nikoufard, Mahmoud ; Kazemi Alamouti, Masoud


This study presents a new simulation strategy for a high-speed microring-based PIN modulator using the finite element method. It includes dc and transient simulations of the electro-optical behavior of the device. Variations in the effective refractive index and their effect on the optical output fields are determined by applying a reverse bias voltage pulse to the device. The frequency responses have been calculated for the microring modulator and 3 dB bandwidth. Calculations show a 3 dB bandwidth of over 115 GHz for a ring with a radius of 8 µm and a width of 0.5 µm at -7 V biasing voltage.


Microring-based modulator; Frequency response; Electro-optic modulation; Transient analysis; InP material.

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