Vol 55, No 3 (2017)

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Table of Contents

Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Effect of built-in-polarization field on mean free path of phonons in binary nitrides PDF
Sahoo, Sushant Kumar; Swain, Muralidhar ; Sahoo, Bijay Kumar 179-186
Analysis of volume dependence of Gr√ľneisen ratio of Forsterite PDF
Panwar, M ; Sharma, S K; Panwar, S 203-206

Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology

Effect of solvent on the microstructure and optical band gap of ZnO nanoparticles PDF
Mallick, Pravanjan 187-192
A comparative study of characteristics of AZO based MISIM photodetectors with Al2O3 and SiO2 passivation layers PDF
Singh, Shaivalini ; Park, Si Hyun 193-197
Optoelectronic and antimicrobial activity of composite zinc oxide and cadmium sulphide quantum dots and application in water treatment PDF
Barman, J ; Sultana, F 231-236

Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

Full analysis of a high-bandwidth microring-based PIN modulator PDF
Nikoufard, Mahmoud ; Kazemi Alamouti, Masoud 198-202

Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Dielectric relaxation phenomena of alkyl acrylate on complexation with phenol dissolved in carbon tetrachloride under static and high frequency electric field PDF
Sit, S K; Sahoo, S 207-217


Radionuclides of 238U, 232Th and 40K in beach sand of southern regions in Tamilnadu State, India (Post-Tsunami) PDF
J, Punniyakotti ; V, Ponnusamy 218-230

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)