Dielectric relaxation phenomena of alkyl acrylate on complexation with phenol dissolved in carbon tetrachloride under static and high frequency electric field

Sit, S K; Sahoo, S


Double relaxation times 2 and 1 due to whole molecular rotation and the flexible parts of the binary (jk) polar mixture of alkyl acrylate (j) and phenols CCl4 (i) at 35ᵒC are estimated using susceptibility data under 9.37 GHz electric field. Five systems out of twelve exhibit 2, 1 and µ2, µ1. 2’s of all systems show gradual increase with the chain length of esters offering hindrance to the rotation of the molecule. The relative contributions c1 and c2 due to 1 and 2 for five systems in terms of and curve at are estimated along with symmetric s, characteristics cs establishing the symmetric distribution of relaxation behavior. The estimated µ's and 2's agreed with the reported and measured values. The solute-solute and solute-solvent molecular associations through H-bonding are also as certained.


Relaxation time; Dipole moment; Solute-solute association; Solute-solvent association

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