Analysis of volume dependence of Grüneisen ratio of Forsterite

Panwar, M ; Sharma, S K; Panwar, S


The purpose of the present paper is to derive a new empirical relationship for the volume dependence of Grüneisen ratio (ϒ) by using simple and straightforward approach. The results thus obtained for Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) from the two different methods are identical to each other. Consistency of calculated values with those values compiled by Cynn H, Carnes J D, Anderson O L, J Phys Chem Sol, 57 (1996) 1593 reveals the validity of the formulation. It is also found that the heat capacity does not influence the change in (ϒ) with the volume ratios in the studied range.


Grüneisen ratio; Anderson-Grüneisen parameter; Thermoelastic properties; Forsterite

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