Low and high energy deuterium ions emission in a 4.7 kJ plasma focus device and its variation with gas filling pressure

Batra, Jigyasa


Plasma Focus (PF) being a good source of electromagnetic radiations, ions and electrons, their characterization could be helpful in understanding the dynamics and various processes undergoing in this device. The emission of deuterium ions from PF at different filling gas pressures in the range 1-5 mbar has been studied in the present paper. An anti conical Faraday Cup (FC) has been designed and developed to detect ion flux. From the recorded signals, two peaks have been observed corresponding to low energy (a few eV) and high energy (few keV to hundreds of keV) ions. This study on measurement of poly energy ions flux at different filling gas pressures shows that the ratio of higher energy ions flux to lower energy ions flux increases with lowering the pressure and could be attributed to anomalous resistance in PF device.


Plasma Focus Device; Faraday Cup; Plasma instabilities

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