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High input impedance voltage-mode universal filter and its modification as quadrature oscillator using VDDDAs

Tuntrakool, Sunti ; Kumngern, Montree ; Sotner, Roman ; Herencsar, Norbert ; Suwanjan, Peerawut ; Jaikla, Winai


The second order universal voltage-mode filter using voltage differencing differential difference amplifiers (VDDDAs) has been proposed. It has high input impedance voltage-mode biquad filter with orthogonal tune of natural frequency and quality factor. The proposed filter simultaneously provides five filter responses: low-pass (LP), high-pass (HP), band-reject (BR), all-pass (AP) and band-pass (BP) in the same circuit topology. The natural frequency and quality factor can be tuned electronically and orthogonally dc bias current. The output impedance at output nodes HP, AP and BR has low impedance which can connect to other circuit without the use of voltage buffers. The proposed filter consists of three VDDDAs, one grounded resistor and two grounded capacitors. This makes the proposed filter suitable for integrated circuit development. With slightly modifying the proposed filter, the voltage-mode qudrature sinusoidal oscillator with low output impedance and independent control of condition of oscillation (CO) and frequency of oscillation (FO) has been achieved. The results shown in this paper are from PSPICE simulation and experiment to validate the proposed circuits.


Analog filter; VDDDA; Voltage-mode; Single input-Multiple output; Oscillator

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