Hall and ion-slip effects on the unsteady MHD mixed convection of Cu-water nanofluid over a vertical stretching plate with convective heat flux

Su, Xiaohong


The problem of unsteady MHD mixed convective flow of a Cu-water nanofluid over a vertical convectively heated plate has been analyzed. The effects of Hall and ion-slip currents have also been taken into consideration. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations have been reduced to a system of nonlinear coupled similarity equations. The resulting similarity equations have been solved numerically to obtain the axial velocity, transverse velocity and temperature in the corresponding boundary layers. It has been found that the variations of the Hall and ion-slip parameters can remarkably affect the velocity and temperature distributions of the nanofluid. Further, the transfer characteristics of the axial velocity, the transverse velocity and the temperature of Cu-water nanofluid under various values of unsteadiness parameter, magnetic parameter, the boundary convection parameter and the mixed convection parameter have been described and discussed, respectively.


Unsteady MHD flow; Heat transfer; Analytical solution; Slip condition

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