Trap spectroscopy and thermoluminescence of CaF2 based TLDs

Singh, Thoudam Basanta; Bidyasagar, M ; Singh, Th Basanta; Barua, A Gohain; Gartia, R K


A comprehensive picture of trap-spectroscopy of CaF2 based TLDs namely natural CaF2, CaF2:Dy (TLD-200), CaF2:Tm (TLD-300) and CaF2:Mn (TLD-400) has been presented in the paper. We demonstrate that all the CaF2 based TLDs have some common characteristics in terms of trap-depths relevant to dosimetry. Unlike most of the studies, the role of the frequency factor (s) and the order of kinetics (b) that decide critically the stability of relevant glow peaks have been examined. This has been achieved by performing deconvolution of the entire glow curves of the systems and subjecting the criteria of acceptance of curve-fitting not only by considering ‘Figure of Merit’ (FOM) but rigorous statistical tests.


Trapping parameters; CaF2; TLD; FOM; Trap-spectroscopy

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