Acoustical and thermodynamic study of binary mixture cyclohexane-methanol using ultrasonic interferometer at different temperatures

Toumi, A ; El Hammami, Noura ; Bouanz, Moncef


The ultrasonic velocity (U) mass density (ρ) and shear viscosity (η) of the binary liquid mixtures of cyclohexane-methanol have been determined experimentally in the single-phase region and over the whole composition range at temperature range (T = 321.15 to 325.15 K). The experimental measurements of these properties have been carried out at atmospheric pressure, for a constant frequency 2 MHz. From these experimental data values, various acoustic and thermodynamic parameters namely adiabatic compressibility (βs), acoustic impedance (Z), intermolecular free length (Lf), relaxation time (τ), molar volume (Vm), free volume (Vf), internal pressure (πi), attenuation (α/f2), Gibb’s energy (ΔG), and cohesive energy (CE) have been calculated. Also their excess values have been calculated. All these parameters and their excess values have been interpreted in terms of molecular interaction such as dipole-dipole and dipole induced dipole interactions through hydrogen bonding between components of binary liquid mixture.


Cyclohexane-methanol binary liquid; Molecular interactions; Ultrasonic velocity; Shear viscosity; Acoustic parameters; Excess values

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