Dynamic mechanical analysis and thermal degradation of jute fiber reinforced BSFT(Ba0.6Sr0.4FexTi(1-x) O3-δ), (x=0.1)- polypropylene composite

Jacob, Reenu ; Isac, Jayakumari


Recent research shows that the natural fibers from renewable natural resources have greater potential than other man-made fibers. Attempts have been carried out to study the effect of fiber loading and temperature on jute fiber reinforced BSFT (Ba0.6Sr0.4FexTi(1-x) O3-δ), (x=0.1)-polypropylene composites using DMA and thermal techniques. The intrinsic design and morphology of the components of the system define the dynamic mechanical properties of the composite. For lower temperatures, the storage modulus (E') values are maximum for the neat PP whereas at temperatures above Tg, the E' values have been found to be maximum for composites with higher fiber loading, proving that the incorporation of jute fiber in BSFT-polypropylene matrix induces reinforcing effects at elevated temperatures. The loss modulus and damping peaks have been found to be lowered by the incorporation of fiber. Cole–Cole analysis throws light on the phase behavior of the composite samples. Thermo gravimetric analysis result on the enhanced thermal stability by the incorporation of fibers. The whole study reveals the enhancement in the dynamic, mechanical and thermal properties of the BSFT-PP composite on incorporation of jute fiber.


Fiber-Reinforced Composites; BSFT; Dynamic modulus; Thermal properties, Cole-Cole plots.

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