Heat and mass transfer over a three-dimensional inclined non-linear stretching sheet with convective boundary conditions

Jain, shalini ; Bohra, Shweta


This investigation has been made to study of heat and mass on three-dimensional boundary layer flow of an incompressible fluid due to inclined non-linear stretching sheet with convective boundary conditions. The effect of thermophoresis and chemical reaction has been taken into account. Numerical solution has been obtained for the set of non-linear coupled ordinary equations which are reduced by using similarity transformations from non-linear partial differential equations. Transforms system of equations has been solved using Runge–Kutta–Fehlberg fourth–fifth order method along with shooting technique. Effects of various parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration profiles have been obtained. These results have been presented through graphs and also our analysis explores the physical quantities of interest through the tables.


Inclined non-linear stretching sheet; Convective boundary conditions; Thermophoresis chemical reaction

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