Theoretical study of pressure dependence of superconducting state parameters of some metals using pseudopotential approach

Kumar, Priyank ; Bhatt, N K; Vyas, P R; Gohel, V B


In the present theoretical study, we have calculated superconducting state parameters (SSPs) viz; electron-phonon coupling strength (λ), Coulomb pseudopotential (µ*), critical temperature (Tc), effective interaction strength (N0V) and isotopic effect parameter ( α) of some polyvalent metals (Pb, Ga, In, Sn and Tl) using well-established structured local pseudopotential due to Fiolhais et al. (1995). The pseudopotential with its individual set of parameters has been found to be good in predicting transition temperature Tc for all the metals. Looking to such success, we have extended the present model for the theoretical study of pressure dependence of transition temperature Tc using Debye- Gruneisen model. Our predicted critical volumes using different approaches are well agreed with each other and also with other reported findings. Thus, the present model is consistent and better than nonlocal norm conserving pseudopotentials because it is found to be transferable without any kind of adjustment of its parameters along with its simplicity and predictivity.


Superconducting state parameters; Pressure dependence; Superconductivity

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