Vol 56, No 7 (2018)

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Table of Contents

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Structural study, NCA, FTIR, FT-Raman spectral investigations, NBO analysis and thermodynamic functions of N-benzyloxy carbonyl-L-alanine PDF
Balachandran, V. ; Raja, B ; Revathi, B ; Anitha, K 509-521

Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Investigation on thiourea crystal grown in presence of ammonium acetate PDF
Rasal, Yogesh Balwant; Shirsat, M. D.; Hussaini, S. S. 522-528
Theoretical study of pressure dependence of superconducting state parameters of some metals using pseudopotential approach PDF
Kumar, Priyank ; Bhatt, N K; Vyas, P R; Gohel, V B 544-550

Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology

Reversible circuits with testability using quantum controlled NOT and swap gates PDF
Gaur, Hari Mohan ; Singh, Ashutosh Kumar; Gaur, Umesh 529-532


Current mode fractional order band pass and band reject filter using VDTAs PDF
Kumar, Mayank ; Prasad, Dinesh ; Akram, Md W 533-537
Exploring the structure and stability of β-dipeptide – A quantum chemical and molecular dynamics study PDF
Abiram, A ; Praveena, G 561-569
Molecular orbital, spectroscopic, first order hyperpolarizability and NBO analysis of aryl-substituted 5-(benzylidine) thiazolidine-2,4-diones PDF
Fatma, Shaheen ; Parveen, Huda ; Bishnoi, Abha ; Verma, Anil Kumar; Srivastava, Krishna 491-508

Nuclear Physics

Higher partial wave energy dependent and independent two-nucleon interactions via supersymmetry formalism PDF
Laha, Ujjwal ; Bhoi, J ; Majumder, M 538-543

Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

Numerical investigation on viscous dissipating and chemically reacting fluid over an impulsively started vertical cylinder PDF
Parasuraman, Loganathan ; Mohanavel, Dhivya 551-560

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)