Dielectric properties of amino substituted pyridines in dilute solutions of some non-polar solvents at different temperatures

Rana, V. A.; Trivedi, C M


Microwave dielectric absorption and relaxation behaviour of each of 2-aminopyridine and 4-dimethylaminopyridine in non-polar solvents benzene, carbon tetrachloride and 1,4-dioxane have been studied at 303.15 K, 313.15 K and 323.15 K temperatures. X-band microwave bench operating at 9.1 GHz has been used for determination of dielectric constant (ε') and dielectric loss (ε"). The static permittivity (ε0) at 2 MHz and permittivity at optical frequency (ε) have also been determined. The measured values of dielectric permittivity (ε') and dielectric loss (ε") have been used to evaluate relaxation time (τ), dipole moment (μ), molar volume (Vm) and molar polarization of solute (P2). Present study suggests the existence of intra-molecular and overall rotation of the amino pyridine molecules in the non-polar solvents. The solute–solvent molecular associations have been predicted. The effect of solvent environments on the relaxation behaviour of the amino pyridines has also been discussed.


Dielectric constant; Dielectric loss; Static permittivity; Relaxation time; Dipole moment

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