Application of bond energy model for different nanomaterials

BHATT, SANDHYA ; Kumar, Munish


A simple theory has been developed using bond energy model of nanomaterials. The formulation has been obtained for the size and shape dependence of specific heat and conductivity. We have computed the size dependence of specific heat of Ag and Au nanoparticles. The results obtained have been compared with the available experimental data as well as with the earlier theoretical relation. It has been found that specific heat increases by decreasing the particle size. There is an appreciable improvement in the results as compared with the earlier relation and a good agreement with the available simulation data. We extend the model to study the effect of shape for the size dependence of specific heat and thermal conductivity of different nanomaterials. The results obtained have been discussed in the light of earlier investigations as well as experimental data. A good agreement between theory and experiment demonstrates the suitability of the formulation has been developed in the present paper.


Bond energy model;Specific heat;Thermal conductivity;Size;Shape

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