A study on environmental corrosion of gilded heritage structures of Royal Palace Patan, Nepal

Singh, Sukhvir ; Singh, Vandana


This article presents the results of corrosion study carried out on 17th century gilded sample procured from the metallic golden window of Patan Royal Palace, Nepal. The characterization techniques employed in the study provide the detailed information about the environmental pollutants responsible for the corrosion and degradation of gilded window. The analytical results have revealed that the window has been made of pure copper sheet on which traditional mercury-amalgam gilding technique has been used. Particulate matters like elemental carbon, sulphur dioxide, chlorine and organic matter have been found to be the main factors responsible for the corrosion and degradation of gilded surface. The information obtained from the present study is expected to be the source of understanding and solution for the protection and conservation of the gilded heritage of Nepal.


Mercury-amalgam gilding; Royal Palace Patan; Nepal; SEM-EDS; X-ray Diffractrometry; FTIR

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