Effect of ultrasonication in treatment of crude oil

Nath, Ganeswar ; Tripathy, A ; Paikaray, R


The demand of petroleum oil has proven its importance in energy sector as well as in the streamlining the economic scenario of the country. In production sector of crude oil, the problem has been observed when the ambient temperature is lower than the wax appearance temperature (WAT), which results the oil become cool leading to deposition of wax. The present paper focuses effect of ultrasonic energy on crude oil sample to reduce the deposition of wax. The propagation of ultrasonic wave in waxy crude oil in presence of suitable blend makes it possible to proper analyse the reduction of wax by suitable mathematical theory. The treatment of ultrasonic energy in wax reduction process involves experimentation and computation of some basic parameter which are explaining the basic mechanism of reduction of wax deposition. The variation of acoustic parameters, their excess values have been discussed in terms of molecular interactions present in the solvent mixture, which explains the physio- chemical behaviour of the crude oil at WAT due to complex formation. The treatment of crude oil with the optimum suitable blend makes it possible to reduce the wax percentage.


Crude oil; Wax appearance temperature; Solvent mixture; Ultrasonic velocity; Acoustic parameter

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