Performance evaluation of dynamically flattened gain L-band RAMAN-EDFA-RAMAN hybrid optical amplifier for super dense wavelength division multiplexing system

Kumar, Chakresh ; goyal, RAKESH ; Kumar, Ghanendra


In this paper, we have evaluated the performances of super dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SD-WDM) system with respect to flat gain. RAMAN-EDFA-RAMAN hybrid optical amplifier (HOA) is the backbone of the system. Further, this model has investigated the effects in terms of L-band flattened gain, output power, crosstalk, and bit error rate with 50 GHz channel spacing. Flat gain greater than 14 dB has obtained at 5 mW and reported the poor performances by 7 mW and 17 mW with the range of 188-192 THz. Gain variation < 2.1 dB has obtained. Highest output power has also obtained at 5 mW, 7Mw and 17 mW accordingly. Final conclusion has recommended that better gain flatness has attained without using any costly components such as gain equalizer and multi-pumping for SD-WDM system.


SD-WDM system; Gain flatness; Hybrid optical amplifier

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