Investigation of bandwidth optimization hybrid scheduling algorithm for hybrid WDM/TDM passive optical system

Singhal, Ankur ; Gupta, Amit ; Singh, Charanjeet ; Kaler, R S


Hybrid WDM/TDM optical access network has evolved as a cost-effective solution to the higher requirements of bandwidth in the access network. Bandwidth allocation and scheduling mechanism have become critical issues in the optical access networks. In this paper, a novel upstream bandwidth optimization hybrid scheduling algorithm has been proposed in which optical network units can employ tunable wavelength for upstream transmission with a single optical source. Resources allocations have been done utilizing multi point control protocol and for wavelength scheduling the shortest length of channels have been computed. Investigation of the proposed algorithm for providing improved channel utilization has been performed and a comparative analysis has been done for validation.


Bandwidth allocation; Channel scheduling; Channel utilization; Hybrid WDM/TDM optical system; Optical access network

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