Effect of ion beam irradiation surface treatment on solid-state bonding of Zr-based bulk metallic glass to pure copper

Chen, Haiyan ; Cao, Jian ; Song, Xiaoguo ; Qi, Junlei ; Feng, Jicai


The surface of Zr-based bulk metallic glass and pure copper was irradiated by 1 keV argon ion beam before solid-state bonding. In addition, the sound solid-state joints without macroscopic deformation were obtained at 440°C for 15 min. Argon ion beam irradiation has a positive effect on the removal of oxide film on the bulk metallic glass and pure copper. The maximum tensile strength of joints was 131.06 MPa, which is much higher than the joints without surface treatment. The bulk metallic glass after bonding retained the unique amorphous structure, indicating that thermal cycle, microscopic deformation and atomic diffusion caused no crystallization of bulk metallic glass. Argon ion beam surface treatment provides a feasible route for the sound solid-state bonding of bulk metallic glass.


Bulk metallic glass; Solid-state bonding; Surface treatment; Copper

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